What is Gang Run printing?

The printing process in which multiple print jobs are produced on a common print sheet is referred to a gang run. Understanding the positive aspects as well as production limitations as a print broker will help to set you and your customer's expectation.

Positive aspects of the gang run printing process: It saves your customer a considerable amount of money. Many cost factors are shared on the sheet to reduce the overall cost per job. Environmentally more friendly. Ganging jobs together uses paper more efficiently by filling up the sheet and thus reducing paper waste. This driven by economics since the more that is squeezed out of a sheet, the lower the cost.

Limitations of the gang run process:
Color: This is by far the biggest limitation with gang run printing. It is difficult to maintain control of color because there are many jobs on one sheet. Therefore it is impossible for any printer using a gang run process to be able to guarantee color output. This cannot be emphasized enough that Color is not guaranteed and may differ each run. We recommend if you have many print pieces you are going to print to print them at the same time and we will do our best to print them on the same run.

Quality of output: Since there are many jobs on a sheet, its difficult to maintain a certain output quality. Solid colors have the potential to show streaks or ink coverage may be over-saturated. We recommend to slightly decrease ink values up to 10% to get the desired ink coverage you desire.

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