Black, Rich Black & Ink Coverage

Process black is 100% black which tends to print in a brownish shade thus most designers wish their blacks to be richer dark color. Rich Black is a generation of process colors blended together to create a deeper black color. This is accomplished by mixing CMYK to values which obtain a darker black. The term warm black is a black with more magenta and yellow and appears more red shade of black. A cool black may be made up with more cyan to give a more blue black shade. Over saturation of black can lead to many complications on your order and should not be over 250% ink coverage. To prevent this we recommend using the black generation numbers below for a standard rich black due to its low saturation but still offer a rich black. 

Cyan: 40, Magenta 30, Yellow: 20, Black: 100 Not adjusting ink levels to print is a common problem by designers. This can be accomplished multiple ways depending on your program and the types of artwork you are dealing with. Below we will cover a few examples.Photoshop Layers and Black: Shown here is artwork with a black circle filled with standard photoshop black. 75C, 68M, 67Y, 90K. This would be 300% ink coverage (you add the valus together).

If your element is a layer, thus has no color outside of the element - make sure you are in CMYK color mode, you select your element > choose layer style 'color overlay'

Next, you click the color square next to blend mode, then specify a 40,30,20,100 color (if the element is not black, then specify a less dense color under 250%), click OK
Now you can see the element has been changed to reflect the 40,30,20,100 color.

Photoshop Images and dark colors: For images with dark colors/blacks you cannot use the color overlay method. In this case, you must adjust the colors differently.

Choose (CS5) Image > Adjustments > Selective Color > Color:Blacks

Then watching your CMYK values in the info window, adjust your sliders to pull out the values until under 250%. These values will vary every image. In this example you can see the 70,67,64,74 was adjusted to 40,30,20,95.


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