How do I cancel an order or get a refund?

If you just placed an order and made a mistake perhaps and need to cancel, please contact us and let us know. Most likely your job has not been charged, only authorized and we can simply void the authorization to cancel the job.

Once a order moves into production we are unable to cancel or refund you if it was for a custom printed item. The only thing we can do is cancel the shipping and refund the charge on the shipping not being shipped.

If you receive a custom printed job and are unhappy for some reason, please contact us to resolve this. While we strive to make every customer happy and every print job perfect there are some things we cannot control. If there is a problem we will most likely need a few different photos showing a stack of the products in question. If there was some sort of printing or finishing problem we can issue a reprint. If the job looks properly printed and finished, and you simply do not like the product, unless extreme circumstances we cannot issue a refund or reprint. We do not guarantee color, nor turnaround times.

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