Do you match or guarantee color?

Due to gang run limitations, we do not guarantee or match color and shifts in color may occur each print run. This may happen on large number of similar jobs that spread over multiple print runs, or reprints and you must be aware of this.

Please make sure all files are in CMYK mode. We do not use any spot colors or Pantone colors and they must be converted to CMYK before uploading through our website. If you use RGB or any other mode aside from CMYK there will be a color shift.

Check your values carefully before submitting any artwork. Certain colors may look differently on your computer screen or personal printer compared to when its printed from us. We highly recommend using a process color guide to help you choose your colors to lessen the chance of a color shifting. Your print may also vary from printer to printer due to the press model, paper stock, and calibration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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